Using the mySD Dashboard

See the most important details about your account at a glance with the new mySD Dashboard.

The all-new Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of what is happening with the most important aspects of your Service Direct Account. From your most recent Leads to billing information, everything you need to keep a pulse on your Account health is here on one, easy-to-read page.

dividerLead Performance Metrics

Lead Performance Metrics

The Lead Performance Metrics show you all about how your Campaigns are performing. You can see how many Leads need follow-up as well as how many appointments you’ve booked in the last 30 days*. Use the arrows to scroll through all available data for your account. These are the identical metrics you will find in your Lead Manager.

Note: If you log in using a Manager Account, these metrics will contain all Leads from all Accounts. 

Learn more about Lead Performance Metrics.


*if you’ve entered this information in the Lead Manager.


Lead Manager Snapshot

Dashboard Lead Manager Snapshot

Quickly see your most recent Billable Leads in the Lead Manager Snapshot. For a complete listing of all your Leads, visit the complete Lead Manager to filter Leads, log important Lead information, and listen to your recorded calls.


Note:  If you log in using a Manager Account, you will see all Leads from all Accounts.

Learn more about using the Lead Manager.


Dashboard Current Balance

Current Balance Snapshot


This snapshot shows you a summary of your current billing period including:

  • Current Balance
  • Lead Credits
  • Billing Threshold
  • Recent Billing Statements


Click the "View Billing Center" button to view more in-depth information about your billing history in the Billing Center.


Campaigns Manager Snapshot 

Note: If you log in using a Manager Account, you will see all Campaigns for all Accounts.


The Campaigns Manager Snapshot shows up to 5 of your current campaigns. This list is sorted by activity, displaying the campaigns with the most activity over the past 30 days first.


If you have paused campaigns, up to 2 paused campaigns will be displayed at the bottom of the list. You can view more information about all of your campaigns in the full Campaigns Manager.