Using the Billing Center

See your Current Balance and Statements. Change your Billing Preferences and update Credit Cards.

To access the mySD Billing Center,  log in to your mySD Account, click "More"  and then "Billing" in the Top Navigation.


SeparatorLineManaging Billing Alerts

If your account requires attention, you may find a red alert at the top of the Billing Center. Click on the alert to be directed to where you can resolve the issue. Common reasons for alerts include:

  • Credit Card Failures
  • Past Due Balances
  • Billing Information Errors


SeparatorLineReview Payment Methods

This section lists all approved credit cards that we may charge for Billable Leads, Monthly Subscription, and Call Insights Service (if applicable). Here you can add or remove cards and change your primary payment method.

Payment Methods



SeparatorLineView Your Current Balance

Current BalanceThis section displays the amount you owe (or the amount you are owed) for the Current Billing Cycle.

Your Current Balance is your Lead Cost minus any Lead Credits (plus any Unpaid Statements).

The Lead Cost is your Cost Per Lead times the number of Billable Leads we’ve delivered in the Current Billing Cycle. Credits for any Non-Billable Leads show up in your Lead Credits and reduce your Current Balance.

Rather than charging you in real-time as you receive each Lead, we use a Billing Threshold system.  We check your Current Balance at the end of each day and create a Statement and charge your Payment Method for any Leads accrued since your last Statement.

Learn More about How You are Billed


SeparatorLineSet a Monthly Lead Cost Notification


To help you stay on top of how much you are spending with us, you can enable a notification each time you reach a specific spend amount for the current calendar month. Enter the amount in the text box and click save. We also recommend double checking your notification preferences to confirm which users on your account will receive these Billing Notifications. 


Note: This alert does not stop advertising, but is designed simply to alert you that you’ve met a certain cost for the month. If you’d like to reduce your Lead Volume, see Controlling Your Lead Volume.


SeparatorLineView Your Statements

You’ll find your most recent Statements at the bottom of the Billing Center. Any unpaid Statements will display a blue “Pay Now” button to allow you to quickly resolve your account balance. For more detailed information, click the Statement ID number in the left column, which will bring up a downloadable, itemized PDF.


Learn More about how to View Your Statements