How You Are Billed

Better understand how and when you will be billed.

The Service Direct Marketplace program offers transparent, convenient, and automated billing. You are billed only for the Billable Leads we drive to your business.



SeparatorLinePayment Methods

All payments across all of your Campaigns are charged to your Primary Payment Method you set in your Billing section of mySD. At this time, we are unable to split payments among multiple cards for one Account.


SeparatorLineCurrent Balance and Billing Threshold

The Current Balance section displays your Current Billing Cycle and the Billing Threshold.

In the Current Billing Cycle part you can see your Current Balance, which is your Lead Cost minus any Lead Credits (plus any currently Unpaid Statements).

The Lead Cost is your Cost Per Lead times the number of Billable Leads we’ve delivered in the Current Billing Cycle.

Credits for any Non-Billable Leads show up in your Lead Credits and reduce your Current Balance.

Rather than charging you in real-time as you receive each Lead, we use a Billing Threshold system.  We check your Current Balance at the end of each day and create a Statement and charge your Payment Method for any Leads accrued since your last Statement.

In the event you have not reached your Threshold by the end of the month, we will bill you on the first of the following month.



Think of a Billing Threshold as a way to build good payment history with Service Direct as we spend our money upfront on ads before we charge you for Billable Leads received. Each Billable Lead equals the Cost Per Lead you’ve set for that Campaign, and as we run more ads for your company and bring you Leads, this number will accumulate until you reach your Billing Threshold and your Primary Payment Method is charged. 

When you first partner with us, your initial Billing Threshold will start out low, typically $100. If you wish to request an increase to your Billing Threshold, you may submit a request and our Billing Team will evaluate payment history and other factors to either approve or deny your request. You can begin this request by clicking “Request Billing Threshold Change” under Current Balance from the Billing Center or by submitting a Support Ticket.


SeparatorLineLead Credits

Lead Credits accumulate on your Account when you are initially billed for a Lead that is later deemed Non-Billable by our Quality Assurance Team. Lead Credits are automatically applied to the next Billable Leads Statement.

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SeparatorLineUnderstanding Cost Per Lead

Your Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the amount you agree to pay for each Billable Lead generated by your Campaigns. The CPL can be set individually per Campaign and you can increase or decrease this amount depending on your desired Lead Volume.


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SeparatorLineBillable vs. Non-Billable Leads