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Controlling Your Lead Volume

Manage the amount of Leads you receive by adjusting Cost Per Lead, setting up an Ad Schedule, or Pausing a Campaign.

With Service Direct, you are in control of how aggressive you want to be with your advertising. To get you in front of potential new customers who need you only when you’re available to help them, we offer multiple ways to allow you to reduce or increase your Lead flow.


Adjust Cost Per Lead

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) indicates how much you are willing to spend on a quality Lead opportunity. This amount directly controls our Ad Spend budget and how competitive we can bid to get your ads at the top of Google, Microsoft, and other search engines. In essence, the higher your CPL, the more aggressively we can bid against your competitors, getting you seen in front of more potential customers, and thus, increasing your Lead flow. Conversely, lowering your CPL reduces the amount we can spend on showing your ad to potential customers, decreasing the number of Leads you receive. 


Note: Using CPL to affect Lead Volume is dependent on your Campaign's geographic areas, Service Categories, and seasonality factors. For some Campaigns, it's not possible to measurably increase Lead Volume. To learn more, schedule a call with a Support Team representative.


Learn more about adjusting your CPL in Getting the Most Out of Your Leads.

dividerSet Up an Ad Schedule

Note: Ad Schedules control the time you are actively advertised on Google, Microsoft (formerly Bing), and other affiliates. However, we are unable to guarantee you will never receive a call outside of these times and after-hours calls are still subject to normal Billable Lead guidelines.

One of the best ways to control your Lead Volume while ensuring you’re actually available to act on every single Lead is to set up an Ad Schedule. This allows us to set specific times your ads are running, increasing the likelihood that you will close a Lead. 


Here’s how it works: If your team can only answer the phone between 8AM and 6PM M-F, then we wouldn’t want to spend your budget advertising aggressively on the weekends. Instead, by using an Ad Schedule, we would be able to tell all ad affiliates to only run ads 8AM - 6PM MTWRF with no additional steps needed from you!


To enable an Ad Schedule for your Campaigns, simply fill out our Support form and our team will make that adjustment as soon as possible.


Temporarily Pause Your Account

When you need to stop advertising for a specific period of time, pausing your Campaigns might work better for you than CPL adjustments or Ad Schedules. It is important to note that our service is not designed for frequent or long term pausing, and these actions can have negative, lasting effects on the performance of your campaign. Learn How to Pause a Campaign.


Note: While paused, you will still incur your normal Monthly Service Subscription.