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Service Area FAQ

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Service Area for your Campaigns.

Why do I need to confirm my Service Area before my Select Campaigns are live?

Because our advertising strategy is hyperlocal, we need you to confirm how far you are willing to travel to help a potential new customer. Once we have this information, our Market Research Team can begin to research the anchor cities most likely to convert to feature as Campaign Microsites. 

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Why don't I have a Select Campaign for every city in my Service Area?

Our goal is to deliver the most quality Leads to you at the lowest cost. To do this, we use over a decade's worth of search data to help us identify key areas that perform well in your target Service Category. Though not every single city in your area will be selected as an anchor for your Select Campaign, rest assured our Ads are targeting every area within the boundaries of the Service Area Map.

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How do I adjust my Service Area Map?

The URLs for your Select Campaigns are chosen based on your confirmed Service Area. If you would like to expand or decrease your Service Area, you will need to get in touch with our Support Team to make sure the current Microsites are still reflecting this area correctly. We will then work with our Market Research team to see if we need to remove or add Campaigns to target additional anchors.

Note: There may be an additional charge to add new Campaigns.

You can also set and adjust the Service Area for your Marketplace Campaigns. From the Campaigns Manager, locate the Marketplace Campaign you wish to modify and click the “Edit” link under the “Service Area Zips” heading. Simply enter all zip codes you serve in the pop-up and click “Update Service Area” to submit.


What if I keep getting Leads outside of my designated area?

We work hard to make sure we are only targeting potential new customers in your confirmed Service Area. However, in rare cases, you may receive irrelevant Calls or Calls from Searchers outside of your area. When this happens, Submit a Support Request and our team will work with you to find the best way to lock down targeting in the agreed upon area.