How to Pause or Enable A Campaign

Adjust the status of your Campaigns individually or in bulk.

Each Campaign has an associated Campaign Status: Enabled, Paused, Paused - Billing, or Canceled. You can use the Campaigns Manager to adjust the status of a Campaign, or adjust multiple Campaigns at once using Bulk Edit.


Enabled This Campaign is active and currently advertised on Ad Networks to generate Leads.
Paused This Campaign is active, but all advertising is temporarily paused in order to stop generating Leads. The Campaign's associated Ads and Local Tracking number are hidden from new potential customers.
Paused - Billing This Campaign is active but has been paused by Service Direct due to an Unpaid Balance. Once this balance is paid, your Campaign will be Enabled automatically.
Canceled This Campaign was once generating Leads but has been removed from your mySD Account. This typically occurs due to a change in Service Area or Service Category.



Pause a Single Campaign

Note: Frequently pausing your Campaigns will negatively affect Lead Volume and interrupt automated Campaign improvements. For best results, we recommend adjusting your Cost Per Lead to control your Lead Volume or enabling an Ad Schedule to control the times your Campaigns are actively advertised. Learn more about Controlling Your Lead Volume.

How to Pause

In the event you are temporarily unable to accept Leads, you can pause your Campaigns to stop all advertising for a given time. To pause advertising for one Campaign on your account, log in to your mySD Account and visit the Campaigns Manager by clicking “Campaigns” in the navigation menu. Next:

  1. Locate the Campaign you wish to pause and click “Update Status.”
  2. Choose a reason for pausing and use the date selector to choose when your Campaigns will be Enabled. 
Note: Though all active advertising is stopped during a pause, you may still receive Leads in the event a customer wrote down your phone number to contact you at a later date.


Enable a Single Campaign

Enable Campaign

To Enable your Campaigns, log in to your mySD Account and visit the Campaigns Manager by clicking “Campaigns” in the navigation menu. Locate the Campaign you wish to enable and click “Update Status.”  

You have the flexibility to Enable your Campaigns immediately or schedule your Campaigns to be Enabled automatically at a later date. 


Use Bulk Edit to Adjust the Campaign Status on Multiple Campaigns 

Bulk Edit Status

If you would like to Pause or Enable advertising for multiple Campaigns at once, you can use the Bulk Edit feature by using the selection boxes to the left of each Campaign Name. To change the Status on all Campaigns, simply check the “Select All” box at the top of the campaign list and choose “Status” from the drop-down menu on the Update Type pop-up.


You’ll be directed to a summary pop-up that displays the current status of the selected campaign(s) followed by a few options to change their status. To Enable your Campaigns now, simply select Enable. Otherwise, you can select a future date at which your Campaigns will automatically become Enabled.


If you would like to temporarily Pause your Campaigns, select "Pause Campaigns." You will then be prompted to enter a reason for the pause as well as choose a specific date to Enable your campaigns automatically. If you are unsure when you’ll be able to resume advertising, you can select “Leave my Campaigns Paused.” Because frequently Pausing your Campaigns will have a negative impact on performance, you will be asked to enter your initials to confirm the Pause.