Pause or Cancel Your Service Direct Account

If you no longer need new Leads for your business, either temporarily or permanently, we can help.

If you're unable to accept new Leads, you may Pause one or more of your Campaigns temporarily to reduce your Lead Volume, or in extreme cases, Cancel your Account. Here are a few options to help you decide which option is right for you:

Pause Your Campaigns

  • Receiving too many Leads? Try reducing your Cost Per Lead to better control your Lead Volume. This makes your Campaigns less competitive in your Service Area and will reduce the amount of Leads we can generate for you.
  • Are Leads coming to you when you are unavailable? Our Support Team can create an Ad Schedule to reduce Leads calling outside of business hours. But, remember, this means you'll not be competing for Leads during those times. Most of our Clients prefer to keep their Campaigns Enabled to collect potential customer info via an after hours call center or voicemail and then return the call.
  • Temporarily unable to accept new Leads? Pausing your Account will temporarily stop all advertising. See How to Pause a Campaign for more information.
  • Questions or concerns? Please Submit a Support Ticket and a Support Team Member to discuss account optimization options and address any questions you have with Leads or Campaigns.

Cancel Your Service Direct Account Completely

Our service is contract-free so you can Cancel at any time, however, we often find our clients wish to return after they Cancel. While we would hate to see you go, if you decide to Cancel your Account, please contact a Support Team Member.


SeparatorLineService Direct Marketplace Best Practices PDF

Check out the following PDF document to learn more about making the most of your Service Direct Marketplace Campaigns.

Marketplace Best Practices (PDF)