Controlling Your Lead Volume

Manage the amount of Leads you receive by adjusting Cost Per Lead, setting up a Campaign Schedule, changing your Service Area, or Pausing and Enabling Campaigns.

With Service Direct, you are in control of how aggressive you want to be with your advertising. To get you in front of potential new customers who need you when you’re available to help them, we offer multiple ways to allow you to reduce or increase your Lead Volume.



SeparatorLineAdjust a Campaign's Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) indicates how much you are willing to spend on a Lead opportunity. In essence, the higher your CPL, the more aggressively we can bid against your competitors, getting you seen in front of more potential customers, and thus, increasing your Lead Volume. Conversely, lowering your CPL reduces the amount we can spend on your ads to potential customers, decreasing the number of incoming Leads. 

Learn More about adjusting your Cost Per Lead

Note: Using CPL to affect Lead Volume is dependent on your Campaign's Service Areas, Service Categories, and seasonality factors.


SeparatorLineSet a Campaign Schedule

One of the best ways to control your Lead Volume while ensuring you’re available to act on every Lead is to adjust your Campaign Schedule.

If you'd like maximum incoming Lead Volume then keep your Campaign Schedule active 24/7. But you may also limit your Campaign Schedule to specific times and days of the week if you want to ensure you're open for business and can answer the phone when Leads call.

Limiting the Campaign Schedule will limit the total incoming Lead Volume so many of our Clients prefer to keep at least some advertising running outside of their actual business hours to enable Leads to leave voicemails for follow up.


SeparatorLineAdjust Your Service Area

Your Service Area is the geographic zone of Zip/Postal Codes where your Campaigns are actively competing for Leads. The wider your Service Area, the more total Leads are available for you to capture. If you'd like to increase your Lead Volume, consider expanding your Service Area by adding more Zip/Postal Codes.


SeparatorLinePause or Enable a Campaign

If you'd like maximum Lead Volume, then be sure to keep all your Campaigns Enabled.

But, you always have the ability to Pause any of your Campaigns and stop our advertising efforts, making those Campaigns unable to compete for Leads.

It is important to note that our service is not designed for frequent or long term Pausing and these actions can have lasting negative effects on the overall performance of your Campaigns.

If you'd like to just reduce your Lead Volume rather than stop all advertising then consider these other options:

  • Reducing your Cost Per Lead (CPL) to be less competitive
  • Limiting your Campaign Schedule to less active advertising times
  • Limiting your Service Area Zip/Postal Codes


SeparatorLineService Direct Marketplace Best Practices PDF

Check out the following PDF document to see how to make the most of your Service Direct Marketplace Campaigns and which best practices lead to more success.

Marketplace Best Practices (PDF)