Understanding Lead Performance Metrics

View valuable information about the performance of your Campaigns right from the Lead Manager.

Lead Metrics

At the top of the Lead Manager and your mySD Dashboard, we display the most important metrics to help you understand how our service performs over time. The right and left arrows allow you to move between different stats.


Note: These advanced Performance Metrics are currently in BETA testing. Be sure to Manage your Leads by inputting Lead and Job Progress as well as Revenue so that you get the most accurate metrics possible

Leads Marked for Follow-Up

Shows the current number of leads that require additional contact information. You can use the “Leads for Follow-Up” Quick Filter to only view these leads.

Billable Leads

Both the cumulative amount of Billable Leads from the moment your Campaigns went live to the current period (all time) as well as the number of Billable Leads received in the past 30 day period are displayed here.

Ad Impressions All Time

[Select Only] This number corresponds to how many times your Ads have appeared in the search results of a person searching for your services. This metric describes the reach of your Company through our ad networks. Impressions are dictated by many factors including search demand, service area, service offerings, and even Cost Per Lead. 

Managed ROI

This is a projected number based on the Job Revenue that you input in the Lead Manager. It is calculated using only leads with Known Revenue: 

(Sum of Job Revenue - Sum of Lead Cost)  ÷ (Sum of Lead Cost)

The ROI Confidence percentage describes how many of your Billable Leads Revenue has been managed: this means that a user has saved Revenue on the lead or the lead has been Marked Lost, which records $0 Revenue.providing us the data on which we base the calculations.

Confidence is calculated as:

(Count of Managed Leads) ÷ (Number of Billable Leads)

This statistic is Locked until you have Managed more than 75% of your Billable Leads and input at least 1 positive Job Revenue.

Booked Appointments

This number shows the most current number of booked Leads you’ve recorded in your Lead Manager over the last 90 day period. Keep in mind this number is only accurate if you log every Booked Appointment in the Lead Manager. 


This statistic is Locked until you have Managed more than 60% of your Billable Leads in the Last 30 Days.

Booked Appointment Rate

Displays how often you convert a Lead Opportunity into an appointment with a potential customer. Note that this number’s accuracy is dependent on how many Booked Appointments you log in the Lead Manager.


This is calculated using Managed Leads (leads where Job Progress is known or Revenue is known). It is calculated like this: 


(Count of leads marked Booked Appointment) ÷ (Count of Managed leads)


This statistic is Locked until you have Managed more than 75% of your Billable Leads since your Campaigns went live.