Managing Your Leads

Record vital information about each Lead in the Lead Manager. 

Record vital information about each Lead in the Lead Manager. 

The Lead Manager helps you view, organize, and manage your Leads. Each Lead is given its own row, which, when clicked, expands to show more details. This allows you to record important insights about the Lead, helping you and your team to better understand the sales cycle and behaviors of your customers. Learn more about Using the Lead Manager.


Expanded Lead View

1. Listen to Phone Leads and View Form Leads

Press the play button to listen to the entire Lead Recording. You may also save an audio file of the recorded call by clicking the "Download Call" link. Note: This option is only available if you opt into Call Recording in your Lead Delivery Settings

For Form Leads, the play button with be replaced with the message left by the potential customer while filling out the form.

2. Lead Progress

The Lead Progress section allows you to select whether or not a Lead needs follow-up or if you'd booked an appointment as well as the status of the job. This field helps us to determine Lead Performance Metrics such as Booked Appointment Rate. Lead Progress data is available in the Lead Export for further analysis.

For Form Leads, the "Call Answered/Not Answered selection will be replaced with "Responded to Customer."

3a. Job Revenue

The Job Revenue field appears when the Job Progress of a Lead is marked as Won. Here you can enter how much you made off each job, which will help the software track your ROI more accurately to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing.

3b. Lost Reason

If “Job Lost” is selected in Lead Progress, you’ll be able to log the reason the job was lost. This information can help you identify opportunities for improvement in your overall sales strategy and get the most out of your Leads.

4. Add Star

Adds a star to your most important Leads so you can quickly get back to them using the Starred Leads Quick Filter.

5. Lead Status

A Lead can have a status of Billable or Non-Billable, which includes the Non-Billable reason. Leads Under Review will still show up as a Billable charge unless our Quality Assurance Team changes this status to Non-Billable during the Lead Review Process.

6. Lead Review

If you do not believe a Lead should be Billable, this link will begin the Lead Review process. Learn more about Submitting a Lead for Review.

7. Lead Tags

A Lead Tag is applied when a member of our Quality Assurance Team has Managed a Lead. Common Tags include reasons why a Lead is classified as Non-Billable, such as "Spam / Job Seeker."

8. Lead History

Lead History logs important information about the Lead such as when the Lead was first viewed, which User changed the Job Progress, User notes, and more. 

9. Add Note

This feature allows you to add a note about your Lead that can be seen by all Users. These notes will be logged in the Lead History. Some reasons to add a note include logging follow-up contacts with the customer, adding appointment times, or detailing why a Lead may have been lost.