Submitting a Lead for Review

Learn how to request a review of potentially Non-Billable Leads.

If you believe you have received a Lead that should be marked Non-Billable, you can flag a Lead for Review in the Lead Manager. This will alert our Quality Assurance Team to take a closer look at the Lead in question.


SeparatorLineLead Review Policy

We never want to charge you for a Lead that does not have the potential to turn into new business for you. Our generous Lead Review process ensures that you have the ability to dispute Leads you believe should be Non-Billable.

A Lead is Eligible for Review if...

  • The Call is Answered.
  • The Lead was received less than 7 days ago.
  • Call Recording was enabled at the time the Phone Lead was received.

Once submitted, our Quality Assurance Team will get back to you typically within 2-3 business days with a decision.

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SeparatorLineHow to Submit a Lead for Review


While in your Lead Manager, you can click any Lead row to expand it to a detailed view. In addition to seeing valuable information specific to that Lead, here you will also find the option to Submit for Review.




In the popup, please choose a reason you believe this Lead should not be billed. Note any follow-up attempts, previous calls received by the same customer, or solicitors in the "Explanation" box. The more details you leave, the more informed we can be when making a Lead Review decision.




SeparatorLineFilter Leads by Lead Review Status


The Lead Manager's Advanced Filtering enables you to Filter your Leads by their Lead Review Status.

You can quickly see which of your Leads are:

  • Not Reviewed
  • In Review
  • Submitted for Review
  • Review Completed


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SeparatorLineCall Insights Service


Our Call Insights Service is designed to help you increase the profitability of your Campaigns while also saving you valuable time and money.


Our team will proactively review your Leads to ensure you only pay for Leads from new potential customers and capture critical data points to help you understand key Performance Metrics and make smarter decisions.

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