Filter and Search Your Leads

Learn how to filter and search your Leads.

By default, your Lead Manager displays all Billable Leads from all time. In the upper left corner, you can control which Leads to view by selecting a Quick Filter, creating your own customized filter, or searching by keyword.  


Use a Quick Filter


Filter Leads


Quick Filters are pre-defined Lead Lists based on the most commonly used filters. Filter by Leads marked for Follow-Up, Starred Leads, Managed Leads, Unmanaged Leads, or All Leads.


Follow-Up Displays only the Leads you have marked "Needs Follow Up."


Displays all Leads that have been Starred in the Lead Record.


Displays Leads where Lead Progress or Job Progress has been set in the Lead Record.
Unmanaged Displays all Leads where Lead Progress or Job Progress has not been set in the Lead Record.
All Displays all Leads.


To remove all applied filters and reset your Lead List View, click "Reset to Default View."


Create a Filter or Search by Keyword

With the new Lead Filter and Search feature, you can add one or more filters to quickly narrow down your Leads. Each selected filter will be highlighted with a green border and will be displayed at the top of the Lead Manager once applied. 

Note: When using the Search feature, the search will be limited to the currently applied filters. You can easily reset these filters by clicking the "Reset Filters and Search to Default" link and click "Apply."

To get started with filters:

  1. Click the "Filter" or "Search" button in the Filter & Searchupper right corner of your Lead Manager.
  2. Make your selection from each drop menu you'll see pop up: Billable Status, Lead Progress, Job Progress, Campaigns, Service Categories, and/or Date Range.
  3. Here you can also search for a specific Lead by keyword, including the customer's name.

Note: If you are logging in with a Manager Account, you will see an additional option to filter by Client. This is a multiselect tool that will allow you to view as many Campaigns as you would like.