Filter and Search Your Leads

Learn how to filter and search your Leads.

By default, your Lead Manager displays all Leads (both Billable and Non-Billable) from all time.

In the upper left corner of the Lead Manager table, you can see a plain-English description of the Leads you're currently viewing and which Filters are active.

And, in the upper right corner, you can see a list of common Quick Filter links, as well as the Search and Filter buttons that enable you to customize your filters by many variables.



Use a Quick Filter



Quick Filters are predefined Lead lists based on the most commonly used filters. Filter by Leads marked for Follow-Up, Starred Leads, Unmanaged Leads, Partially Managed Leads, Fully Managed Leads, All Leads or Billable Leads Only.



Displays only the Leads you have marked "Needs Follow Up."


Displays all Leads that have been Starred in the Lead Record.


Displays all Leads that have not had any Lead Progress* sections Managed yet in the Lead Record.

Partially Managed

Displays Leads where some, but not all, Lead Progress* sections have been Managed in the Lead Record.

Fully Managed

Displays Leads where all the Lead Progress* sections have been Managed in the Lead Record.


Displays all Leads.

Billable Leads Only

Displays only Leads you are being billed for currently.


*Lead Progress is Managed by expanding a Lead Record to see its detail view and filling out the options in some or all of the Lead Progress sections: Call Answered, Booked Appointment, Job Won, and Job Revenue or Job Lost Reason. Learn More about the benefits of Managing Your Leads


Use Advanced Filters and Search by Keyword

With the Filter and Search feature you can quickly narrow down your Leads to find the ones you're looking for.

Get Started with Advanced Filter and Search:

  • Click the "Filter" or "Search" button in the upper right corner of your Lead Manager table to launch the popup.
  • Make your selections from one or more dropdown menus and click the "Apply Filters" button at the bottom of the popup to activate. Your Lead Manager page will reload with the Leads that match your new Filter or Search parameters.
  • Filter options include:
    • Billable Status
    • Starred Status
    • Needs Follow-up
    • Managed Lead Progress
    • Call Answered
    • Booked Appointment
    • Jobs Won
    • Service Categories
    • Campaigns
    • Date Range
    • From and To Date
  • Each Filter you've selected will be highlighted with a green outline on the dropdown menu to visually indicate that you've changed their defaults to a custom selection and those will be active once you click the "Apply Filters" button.
    • Note: If you have multiple Filters currently active, the results will be limited only to Leads that correspond to all those Filters.
  • You can also Search for a specific Lead by Keyword, such as the customer's Caller ID name.
    • Note: When using the Search feature, the search will be limited to the currently applied filters. Be sure to clear any active filters if you wish to search all Leads.
  • You can quickly reset active filters and search back to the default by clicking the "Reset Filters and Search to Default" link and clicking the "Apply Filters" button.
  • In the top left corner of your Lead Manager table there is always a plain-English description indicating the currently active Filter and Search functions so it's clear which Leads you're looking at.

Note: If you are logging in with a Manager Account, you will see an additional option to filter by Client. This is a multiselect tool that will allow you to view as many Campaigns as you would like.