Using the Lead Manager

See customer information, listen to incoming calls, and view submitted Form Leads in the new Lead Manager.

The very top of the Lead Manager provides an overview of your Lead Performance Metrics, followed by the main Lead Manager Table.

At the top of the Lead Table you'll see a plain English sentence describing which Leads you're currently viewing, corresponding to the currently active Search and Filters. 

Below this sentence there is a link to View Performance Metrics for these Leads as well as an Export to CSV link that allows you to download a file for external spreadsheet or CRM use.

You can easily change which Leads you see in the Lead Table by Filtering and Searching your Leads by clicking either a Quick Filter link or the Search or Filter buttons to open a popup with powerful options that let you find exactly what you're looking for.



Understanding Columns in the Lead Manager Table


  • Lead Type : This column displays icons indicating if the Lead was a Phone or Form Lead as well as whether the Lead was marked as Follow-Up or Starred.
    • mySD-LeadManager-Icon-PhoneLead Phone Lead: A Phone Lead is a potential customer who has called the Local Tracking Number on your Campaign Microsite. In the Expanded Lead view, you can play the entire recorded phone call (when Call Recording is enabled. See Lead Delivery Settings).
    • mySD-LeadManager-Icon-FormLead Form Lead: A Form Lead is a potential customer who has completed a contact form submission on your Campaign Microsite. Note: The quicker you get back to these Leads, the higher the likelihood it will result in a booked appointment. See Getting the Most Out of Your Leads.
  • Date: The timestamp of when the Lead was generated through our advertising.
  • Progress: This identifies a Lead's Progress and Billable statuses. This column will be more accurate if your Leads are regularly managed. If the Lead Progress is not Managed then the Progress status is "Unmanaged." See Managing Your Leads.
  • Campaign: This column displays the name of the Campaign the potential customer visited prior to getting in touch with you.
  • Name / Caller ID: This displays the name of the contact as it appears on Caller ID. Please note, this is controlled by the telecom companies and not by Service Direct.
  • Contact Details: For Phone Leads, the phone number that made the call to your Tracking Number. For Form Leads, the email and/or phone number supplied by the customer when filling out the form on your Campaign Microsite.
  • Duration: Applies to Phone Leads only. Displays the length of the phone call.
  • Cost: Displays the Cost Per Lead associated with the Campaign. This is the amount you pay Service Direct for each Billable Lead.
  • Revenue: This column displays the revenue you’ve entered for any won Jobs.

Note: If you are logging in with a Manager Account, you will see an additional column for Company Name to help you identify which of your Clients owns the Campaign.


Manage your Leads in the Expanded Lead Detail View

Click on any Lead row to expand it and reveal detailed Lead information and available actions such as listening to the Call or reading the Form Message, tracking Lead Progress and Revenue, marking Leads as Follow-Up or Starred, viewing the Billable Status, and more.

Manage Your Lead Progress to gain powerful insights into your customers and generate Lead Performance Metrics. 


mySD-LeadManager-SubmitLeadForReview-v4Submitting a Lead for Review

With our program, you only pay for Leads from potential new customers who are seeking a service that aligns with your service category. If you believe you received a Lead that should be marked Non-Billable, you may begin the Lead Review process by clicking "Submit for Review" in the Expanded Lead view. Leads are eligible for review if you have enabled Call Recording and the Lead was received less than 30 days ago.

In the pop-up form, please choose a reason you believe this Lead should not be billed and leave a detailed explanation for us to review. We will follow up with any additional questions via email.

Note: If you have Paused your Campaign and you receive a Lead, we automatically mark it as Non-billable and you will not be charged.

For more detailed information on our Lead Review Policy, see Understanding Billable and Non-Billable Leads.

NEW: Lead Insights Service

Our Lead Insights Service is designed to help you increase the profitability of your Campaigns while also saving you valuable time and money.

Our team will proactively review your Leads to ensure you only pay for Leads from new potential customers and capture critical data points to help you understand key Performance Metrics and make smarter decisions.

Learn more about the Lead Insights Service