Using the mySD Dashboard

See the most important details about your account at a glance on the mySD Dashboard.

The mySD Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of the most important aspects of your Service Direct Account. From your most recent Leads to billing information, everything you need to keep tabs on is here on one, easy-to-read page.





SeparatorLineLead Performance Metrics


At the top of the Lead Manager and Dashboard pages, we display the most important Metrics to help you understand how our service is performing in the Last 90 Days (the more Leads you Manage, the more accurate these Metrics become). The right and left arrows allow you to move between different Metrics.



Learn More about Lead Performance Metrics


SeparatorLineLead Manager Snapshot


Quickly see your most recent Billable Leads in the Lead Manager Snapshot. For a complete listing of all your Leads, visit the Lead Manager page to Search or Filter Leads, Manage Leads, listen to your Call Recordings, and more.



Learn More about using the Lead Manager


SeparatorLineCurrent Balance Snapshot

This section of your mySD Dashboard shows you a summary of your current billing period including:

  • Current Balance
  • Lead Credits
  • Billing Threshold
  • Recent Billing Statements

Click the "View Billing Center" button to view more in-depth information about your billing history in the Billing Center.











SeparatorLineCampaigns Manager Snapshot


The Campaigns Manager Snapshot shows up to 5 of your current Campaigns. This list is sorted by activity, first displaying the Campaigns with the most activity over the past 30 days.

If you have Paused Campaigns, up to 2 Paused Campaigns will be displayed at the bottom of the list. You can view more information about all of your Campaigns in the full Campaigns Manager.


Learn More about using the Campaigns Manager