Lead Delivery Settings

Specify how you receive Leads, Caller ID preferences, and call recording preferences in the Campaigns Manager.

Our system allows you to specify the phone numbers and email addresses where you will receive our Leads. There is no limit to the number of phone numbers or emails that can receive Leads. If you have multiple forwarding phone numbers, all phones will ring simultaneously and whichever phone takes action first receives the Lead. NoteThis does include declining the call or going to voicemail when a phone is turned off.


Set Your Lead Delivery Using the Campaigns Manager

Each Campaign will have a unique tracking number assigned as well as a built-in form for new potential customers to fill out. Our platform forwards each call and form submission to you directly to the phone number or email address specified during sign up. We recommend sending these important notices to multiple team members or a shared inbox so that potential customers can be followed up with quickly.

In the Campaigns Manager, you can change both the Lead Delivery email(s) and phone number(s) at any time on a per Campaign basis, or you can use the Bulk Edit feature to apply this change to multiple Campaigns. Reach the Campaigns Manager from your Dashboard by clicking Campaigns in the menu bar.


Adjust Lead Delivery for a Single Campaign

Lead Delivery

To edit Lead Delivery on a per Campaign basis, simply locate the Campaign you wish to change in the Campaigns Manager and click the Edit button under “Lead Delivery.” A pop-up will appear which allows you to change the forwarding phone number, email address, caller ID preferences, and more.


Bulk Edit Lead Delivery Settings

Bulk Edit Lead Delivery

If your Lead Delivery settings should be updated for multiple campaigns, simply check the tick box to the left of the Campaign Name of each campaign that requires updating. If you’d like to apply the changes to all campaigns, check the “Select All” box at the top of your campaign listing.

Learn more about applying Bulk Edits to your Campaigns.


Caller ID Preferences

When you receive a Phone Lead, we offer two ways to display the Caller ID:

  1. Show the Caller ID of the Phone Lead.
    The information provided to the telephone company will be displayed. Keep in mind, this is controlled by the customer and the telephone provider, not Service Direct.
  2. Show the Campaign’s Local Tracking Phone Number (recommended).
    This option displays the Service Direct tracking number instead of the customer’s caller ID information. We recommend selecting this option and saving your tracking numbers under a contact named “Service Direct Leads” in your phone. This way, you will always know this is a Lead trying to get in touch to encourage you to answer the call. You can learn more about adding a contact on iPhone or Android.

dividerRecorded Calls

Call recording allows you to listen to a previous Lead conversation to replay important information like the Customer’s name and contact information or even provide valuable coaching to your team who answers the phone. If you would like to have your calls recorded, simply check the box to opt-in. 

NoteCall recording is REQUIRED for Lead Review. If you choose to not have your calls recorded, you will be unable to request a Lead Review for potentially Non-Billable Leads.