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Understanding Spam Calls

Learn why you may receive spam calls and what we're doing to reduce their presence.

Spam calls are a nuisance. We understand these calls waste your time and your company's resources. First of all, we want to assure you those calls are not from Service Direct, and we are working to help reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the spam call issue. We hate spammers just as much as you do! 

We have received feedback from other clients about spam and robocalls as well, which brought our attention to the growing issue of caller ID spoofing and robocalls. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what these things are, why they happen, and what we’re doing about it. 

dividerWhat is caller ID spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing is the act of using a fake telephone number on caller ID, thus masking the real ID and number of the caller. We are receiving reports that people are receiving calls from “us” when in fact someone is spoofing our caller ID to make it appear as though it’s us. Our clients most often report this type of spam upon receiving calls where the caller claims to be returning a call they received from your tracking number. 

dividerWhat are robocalls?

Robocalls are 100% automated and can range from a phone call that plays a prerecorded message to dead air. We’ve even seen some calls that are just music when you pick up.


Most importantly, what are we doing about the caller ID spoofing and robocalls?

We’re glad you asked!  These types of solicitation / spam / robocalls are never considered a Billable Lead through Service Direct. You can submit the Lead for review and our team will remove it as a Non-Billable Lead. 

A few of these types of calls are expected and considered normal. We step in when these types of calls start to get out of control. When a robocall happens, it is very clear and we are able to blacklist those phone numbers from ever calling your campaign or anyone else's campaign network-wide. When a call is caller ID spoofing, that is trickier. We do not want to blacklist that number in case the real owner of the phone number ever needs to call someone in our network for a real lead. In this case, we would change the phone numbers on the campaigns affected to help reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the issue. 

If you feel you have a phone number that has been compromised, please contact us so we can research the issue further.