Bulk Edit Your Campaign Settings

Adjust Campaign Settings for multiple Campaigns at once with Bulk Edit. 

By popular demand, our all-new Campaigns Manager features a Bulk Edit feature that allows you to adjust Campaign Settings for multiple Campaigns at once.

To use Bulk Edit, select the specific Campaigns you wish to modify with the checkboxes next to the Campaign Names or select all of them with the Select All checkbox. Then click the "Bulk Edit Selected Campaigns" and follow the prompts to choose the Campaign Setting you would like to Bulk Edit.



While not all settings can be modified in bulk, you can adjust or update the following Campaign Settings with Bulk Edit:

  • Displayed Caller ID Preference
  • Call Recording Preference
  • Cost Per Lead (within a single Service Category only)
  • Lead Delivery Email(s)
  • Lead Delivery Phone Number(s)
  • SMS Lead Notification Settings
  • Campaign Status



Bulk Edit Caller ID Preference


Caller ID is flexible, based on your needs. You can choose to see the default Caller ID information of the incoming caller, or you may choose to see a Tracking Number if you want to quickly recognize a Service Direct sourced caller.

Option 1:

Show the Phone Lead's Caller ID as the Displayed Caller ID
The information provided by the caller to the telephone company will be displayed on your incoming Leads. Keep in mind, this is controlled by the caller and the telephone provider, not Service Direct.

Option 2:

Show a Campaign Tracking Number as the Displayed Caller ID for All or Some of Your Campaigns
You can set one or more of your Campaign Tracking Numbers to display instead of the customer’s caller ID information. This enables you to more easily recognize that the incoming call is from your Service Direct Campaigns. You can add the Tracking Number(s) as a contact, such as "Service Direct Lead," in your mobile device's address book.





Bulk Edit Call Recording Preference

Included with your mySD Account is unlimited Call Recording. We will record every incoming Phone Lead so you can easily playback previous calls.

Note: While Call Recording is completely optional, you must have Call Recording enabled in order to be eligible for Lead Review.

dividerBulk Edit Cost Per Lead

A Campaign's Cost Per Lead (CPL) determines how much you pay for each Billable Lead generated from that Campaign. You determine the CPL for each Campaign. In general, increasing this amount results in an increase in Lead Volume, while decreasing will reduce the number of Leads you can expect to receive. A recommended range will be displayed next to the Cost Per Lead field for each Service Category.

Note: Because CPL differs by Service Category, this option is only available when selecting multiple Campaigns of the same Service Category.

Bulk Edit Cost Per Lead


Bulk Edit Lead Delivery Settings

For each Campaign, there are two Lead Delivery Settings: one for Phone Leads and the other for Form Leads. With Bulk Edit, you can adjust the emails and phone numbers that receive Leads. Some important things to note about Bulk Editing your Lead Delivery Settings:

  • Bulk Edits for both phone numbers and emails replace the current settings. Make sure to add the current phone number and/or email address if you would like to keep your existing setting and add additional ones.
  • Keep in mind for Phone Leads with multiple forwarding phone numbers, all phones will ring at once and the first phone to take action (including sending to voicemail) will "receive" the Lead. 
  • You may also adjust your SMS Notifications here. These settings also replace the current settings, so take care to confirm all phone numbers are present before confirming.
  • Form Lead and Phone Lead Delivery settings must be adjusted individually, so if you wish to modify both, you will need to perform two Bulk Edits.




Bulk Edit Campaign Status

If you would like to Pause or Enable multiple Campaigns at once, you can use the Bulk Edit feature to update Campaign Status. Select specific Campaigns or Select All Campaigns, click "Bulk Edit Selected Campaigns" and choose “Status” from the drop-down menu.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 4.34.47 PM

You will see a summary that displays the current status of the selected campaign(s) followed by options to update status. You can perform the following Update Status operations:

  • Enable Campaigns Now
  • Enable Campaigns on a future date
  • Pause Campaigns Now
  • Pause Campaigns on a future date

If you are Pausing your Campaigns, you will then be prompted to enter a reason for the pause and given an option to set a date to Enable your campaigns again.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 4.30.10 PM

Warning: Frequently Pausing your Campaigns will have a negative impact on performance.


Learn more about pausing individual Campaigns in How to Pause or Enable a Campaign.