Pause or Cancel Your Service Direct Account

If you no longer need new Leads for your business, either temporarily or permanently, we can help.

In the event you're unable to accept Leads, you may consider pausing temporarily, reducing Lead Volume, or in extreme cases, canceling your Account. Here are a few options to help you decide which option is right for you:

  • Receiving too many Leads? Try reducing your Cost Per Lead to better control your Lead volume.
  • Are Leads coming to you when you are unavailable? Try setting an Ad Schedule to reduce Leads calling outside of business hours.
  • Temporarily unable to accept new Leads? Pausing your Account will temporarily stop all advertising. (Note: You are still charged your Monthly Service Subscription while your Account is paused. See How to Pause a Campaign for more information.)
  • Questions or concerns? Our team can help if you have any questions or concerns about your Leads or Campaigns. Please schedule a call with a Support Team Member to discuss account optimization options.

Our service is contract-free so you can cancel at any time, however, we often find our clients wish to return after they cancel. While we will do our best to accommodate all returning clients, please note the following about reactivating your Account:

  • We may no longer have availability in your area for Select Campaigns. With the Service Direct Select program we take steps to ensure we are not over-saturating a given area. As a result, we are limited in how many Select clients we can have in a specific target location for a specific industry. Once you cancel, we are no longer able to hold this space for you and depending on demand, we may be full of Select clients in your previous area when you wish to come back.
  • Your Select Campaigns will have to be built from scratch. When you cancel your Account we remove all content and ads from your Select Campaigns. This means it will take about 1-2 weeks to get your Select Campaigns up and running again..
  • Startup costs must be paid again. For all intents and purposes, when you request to reactivate your Account,  you are essentially starting off as a new client. As a result, you will be responsible for the Account Activation Cost before we can begin work on your Select Campaigns.
  • Optimizations may be lost. Depending on how long ago your campaigns were last active, we may no longer have access to the data that helped us understand how to optimize the content and ads on your Select Campaigns. As a result, you may experience a ramp-up period similar to when you first started with us.

While we would hate to see you go, if you decide to cancel your account, please contact a Support Team Member.