Non-Billable Leads: Spam, Robocalls, Wrong Numbers

Learn why you may receive Spam Calls or Wrong Numbers and what we're doing to reduce their impact.

SeparatorLineSpam Calls

We hate spammers just as much as you do! These are always Non-Billable Leads, but we understand Spam calls, Robocalls, and Caller ID Spoofing are a nuisance and waste your time. First of all, we want to assure you those calls are not from Service Direct, and we are always working to help reduce (and hopefully eliminate) spam calls.

SeparatorLineWhat is Caller ID Spoofing?

Caller ID Spoofing is the act of using a fake telephone number on caller ID, thus masking the real ID and number of the caller. This type of Spam might result in a receiving calls where the caller claims to be returning a call they received from your Tracking Number

SeparatorLineWhat are Robocalls?

Robocalls are 100% automated and can range from a phone call that plays a prerecorded message to dead air. 

SeparatorLineWhat are we doing to reduce Spam Calls?


Spam Calls are always Non-Billable with Service Direct and we're working hard to reduce their impact on our Campaigns.

Anti-Spam Technology

Our machine-learning technology and call transcription works to actively catch many Spam Calls in real-time. We then automatically mark those Leads as Non-Billable and our Clients never even see them in their Lead Manager.

Human Lead Review

Our Quality Assurance Team proactively reviews thousands of Leads each month and often can catch the more clever Spam Calls that escaped our automated systems.

Should you discover a Spam Call among your Leads that is still marked as Billable, please Submit the Lead for Review and our Team will take care of it.

If you'd like us to review all your Leads each month, consider signing up for our Call Insights Service.

Block Spam Phone Numbers

Once a Phone Number is known to us as a Spammer, we add it to our Blocklist and our system will never again allow calls to come through from that number in the future. Unfortunately, Spammers cycle through many numbers all the time.



Wrong Numbers

It's normal to receive some wrong numbers from time to time and those are considered generally Non-Billable.

Wrong Numbers from Potential Customers mistakenly calling for another business similar to yours

Sometimes a Potential Customer searches online for a particular business but they use keywords  that lead Search Engines and Social Platforms to display your Campaign Ads as suggestions. When the Potential Customer dials the number on the ad, they may not realize they're calling your business instead of the one they thought they searched for.

Our own advertising, and those of our wide network of Lead Sources, are always trying to limit this possibility but, to be effective at Lead generation, we sometimes cannot avoid these situations without drastically limiting your Lead Volume.

If the caller clearly states they're trying to reach a different specific business name other than yours, then the call would be considered Non-Billable because it's a wrong number and can be Submitted for Lead Review. But, if we cannot determine from the Call Recording if that's the case, then the Lead remains Billable.

But, many of our Clients can effectively turn these callers into customers with phone answering practices that demonstrate good customer service and the ability to promote their business.

If you feel you're receiving too many of these types of Leads, please contact our Support Team to discuss potential solutions.