Growing Your Service Direct Account

Reach more potential customers through Campaign optimization, Service Area expansion, and more.

We focus on driving quality Leads to help your business grow. There are a variety of things that you can do to help increase Lead volume so your business can make the most out of your Service Direct Campaigns. 

SeparatorLineOptimize Your Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead (CPL) is how much you are willing to pay for each exclusive Lead we generate for your company. Your CPL directly affects how much we can spend on advertising your Campaigns and is thus your best tool to help grow your Lead Volume.

For each Service Category we have an estimated range to help you choose a competitive CPL. Our systems optimize your Campaigns for Lead Volume based upon your chosen CPL and how competitive your Service Area is. Generally speaking, the more aggressive your CPL the more Leads we are able to generate for you.

Learn More about Cost Per Lead and Controlling Your Lead Volume



SeparatorLineExpand or Adjust Your Service Area

Expanding the area you serve is a key way to grow your account with Service Direct. You can adjust your Service Area Zip codes in your Campaigns Manager.


SeparatorLineAdvertise Additional Services

If you work in multiple Service Categories but don't yet advertise all of them with Service Direct, an easy way to grow your account with us is to add Campaigns for your remaining Service Categories


SeparatorLineOpt In to Marketplace Form Leads

Marketplace Forms are currently available in some Service Categories and we will send out updates as additional Categories become available. 

You can opt into Marketplace Form Leads by visiting your mySD Campaigns Manager, where Campaigns in eligible Service Categories will display an "Enable Form Leads" button in the Form Leads section.


SeparatorLineDon't Pause Your Campaigns Frequently

Your Campaigns can be Paused at any time, however, Pausing too frequently can negatively impact your overall Campaign performance. There are a handful of ways to Control Your Lead Volume that don't involve Pausing and can help generate the right amount of Leads for you, while still maintaining healthy and optimized Campaigns. 


SeparatorLineEnsure Maximum Campaign Schedule Availability

Each of your Campaigns has an adjustable Campaign Schedule that allows you to choose the times of the week you would like us to actively advertise your business. If you'd like the most Leads possible, please set your Campaign Schedule to 24/7 so we can compete for more New Potential Customers on your behalf.


SeparatorLineHow Much Do Leads Cost & What Affects Lead Volume?



SeparatorLineService Direct Marketplace Best Practices PDF

Check out the following PDF document to see how to make the most of your Service Direct Marketplace Campaigns and which best practices lead to more success.

Marketplace Best Practices (PDF)