Lead Listening Program

Focus more on closing Leads and less on Lead Management with Lead Listening.

If you find yourself without time to make sure you only pay for Leads we consider Billable, our Lead Listening Program is for you! Lead Listening allows you to focus on closing your Leads and running your business while our team reviews, tags, and notates information on the Leads you have received through Service Direct. 

What's Included: 

  • Leads are reviewed every business day for you. When we notice a Non-Billable Lead, our team will quickly change the Lead Status so you are not billed for that Lead.
  • Leads are flagged for follow-up when applicable so you can easily view these critical Leads using a Quick Filter in the Lead Manager.
  • Notes will be provided about the nature of the Leads received. 

How to Get Pricing Information and Enable Lead Listening:

  • Submit a Support Request to get pricing information or to started on the Lead Listening Program.