The Account Activation Process

Learn more about what happens as we prepare to launch your Service Direct Campaigns.

After you have completed Sign Up, we will require more information about your Company, Service Area, and Service Offerings in order to create compelling Custom Search Campaigns seen by new potential customers. During this time, you can view the Account Activation Progress by logging in to mySD. Plus, you will receive communication from our teams updating you every step of the way. As part of the Service Direct Select program, you will also automatically receive Marketplace Leads if you provide service in qualifying categories.


Select Signup - Step 1 - Account Setup - PasswordAccount Setup

Following Sign Up, you will receive a link prompting you to log in for the first time and create your Username and Password. On this page, you will also be asked to confirm pricing details agreed upon during the sales process, review our Terms & Conditions, and input your Primary Payment Method. 

If you did not pay your Account Activation during the Sales process, you will be required to pay the agreed-upon amount before moving to the next stage of production.

In the event you have trouble providing this information, schedule a call with our Support Team.


Select Signup - Step 2 - Campaign Setup - KB - pt1Complete Campaign Setup

Next, we'll ask you to provide important information about your Company, service area, service offerings, and value propositions to help us optimize your advertising. Keep in mind, the more information you provide, the higher the likelihood a visitor will convert on your site, leading to new business for your Company.


Over the last decade, we found the following additional information can increase conversion on your Select Campaigns by up to 60%:

  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Promotions and Special Financing Options
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Photos of Completed Work (Especially in remodeling industries such as Flooring and Bath remodeling)


Select Signup - Step 3 - Campaign Production - KB

Campaign Production

Your Campaigns are considered "In Production" after we have received your Company Profile and confirmed your Service Area. Our Market Research Team will then reference the provided Service Area to narrow down the best locations to use as an anchor for your Custom Search Campaigns while our Content Team uses the information provided in your Company Profile to infuse your brand into our highly optimized templates.

By default, your Estimated Completion date will be displayed as 1-2 Weeks. Once we know how many Campaigns are required for your Service Area and Service Categories, we will update the Estimated Completion with a more exact date.divider

Campaign Launch

Select Signup - Campaigns Manager - Request Content Edit

When our Team has completed your Microsites, you will receive an email updating you on their progress, along with a link to tour of your mySD account. We will then launch your Service Direct Select campaigns to various ad networks (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.), typically about a business days after the Microsite's completion.

In the event something on the Microsite needs to be changed, you can submit a Content Edit Request from the Campaign Manager page and our Content Team will contact you as soon as possible.