Understanding the Service Direct Marketplace

Learn more about Marketplace Leads & Campaigns.

Service Direct Marketplace is a source of high-quality, high-converting Leads for your business. Marketplace leads come from dozens of vetted websites and other Publishing Partners. As consumers search for your services across these sources, we connect them with your business in real-time.

dividerSigning Up for Service Direct Marketplace

Currently, Marketplace Campaigns are available and for Service Categories that have been tested and proven to work. As a member of the Service Direct Select program, you will automatically receive Marketplace Leads if you provide service in any of these qualifying categories. If you do not see your Service Category listed here, rest assured we are continually seeking new opportunities to drive quality Leads in other verticals. Currently Marketplace is only available to our clients in the United States. 

    dividerAdjusting Marketplace Campaign Settings

    Marketplace Campaign Row

    We’ve made it simple to view and adjust your Marketplace Campaign settings in mySD Campaigns Manager. In both the Lead Manager and Campaigns Manager, Marketplace Campaign names begin with “Marketplace” so you can easily differentiate between these and your Select Campaigns.


    You can adjust many of the same settings with Marketplace Campaigns as with your Select Campaigns, including:


    About Your Service Area

    Adjust Service Area

    Setting and adjusting the Service Area for your Marketplace Campaigns is easy! From the Campaigns Manager, locate the Marketplace Campaign you wish to modify and click the “Edit” link under the “Service Area Zips” heading. Simply enter all zip codes you serve in the pop-up and click “Update Service Area” to submit.


    Note: Adjusting your Marketplace Service Area only applies to the selected Campaign. To adjust the Service Area map on other Service Direct Campaigns, please contact our Support Team.


    Managing Marketplace Leads

    Marketplace Leads can be managed in the mySD Lead Manager just like Leads from your Select Campaigns. Set the Lead’s progress, track your ROI, submit a Lead for review, and record important notes to help understand Lead performance. 


    Note: All Leads received that are common to your Service Category are deemed Billable, regardless if you are able to book service. See Understanding Billable and Non-Billable Leads for more information.


    Learn more about Managing Your Leads.