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Getting the Most Out of Your Leads

Make the most out of every opportunity with these helpful tips on managing your Service Direct Leads.

Managing Lead Volume

Your Cost Per Lead (CPL) controls how aggressive we can be while advertising your company on our preferred Ad networks. With our program, you choose the amount you are willing to pay for each quality Lead we drive to your company. 


Cost-Per-LeadTo edit the CPL for your campaigns, log in to mySD and click Campaigns from the menu. Our system will display a recommended minimum and maximum CPL based unique to your industry. Here, you can either edit the CPL for each Campaign individually or use the Bulk Edit feature to apply a change to all Campaigns. Learn more about your Lead Delivery settings.


In general, raising your CPL will result in an increase of Leads while lowering it will decrease Lead Volume. CPL is managed on a per campaign basis. Learn more about how to better Control Your Lead Volume.

Qualifying Leads

The Lead opportunities we send are from real, potential new customers seeking services in your area. Make the most of each Phone Lead by adhering to these best practices from some of the most effective Phone Lead closers in the industry:

  1. GREET your callers by stating your name and company name.
  2. COLLECT the caller's contact information in case you get disconnected.
  3. DISCOVER information about the caller's need for your company's services. 
  4. ASK qualifying questions to validate the reason for the call quickly and early on. 
  5. ASSERT the benefits of choosing your company over a competitor. 
  6. BOOK an appointment on the call to increase your chance of closing the job. 

dividerHandling Missed Calls

According to Forbes, 80% of callers will not leave a message and 85% of unanswered calls never call back. With Service Direct’s Lead Manager, you are able to quickly flag all missed calls that require follow up and use our Quick Filter to show only those Leads. We know missed calls happen and recommend following up with these potential customers as quickly as possible to see if you can still earn their business.


Remember, all missed calls are considered Billable Leads and incur your normal Cost Per Lead.