Request a Content Edit

Learn how to request updates to your Select Campaign Microsites including photo additions, service offerings, testimonials, promotions, and more.

At Service Direct, we have worked hard to develop a content and ads strategy designed to get your business in front of real, new potential customers seeking your services. Each Select Campaign includes a Microsite, where we try to infuse as much of your brand as possible while still maintaining a keyword and content structure designed to convert in under 2 minutes.


While your Campaign Microsite is built using our proprietary, high converting template formats, we can adjust many aspects including color scheme, logo, photos, promotions, and more to best showcase your core value propositions and service offerings.


Our research shows that the more personalized offers, images, etc. we add to your Microsites, the higher the increase in conversion rate. We have over a

decade of experience and data that has taught us what works when it comes to conversion optimized Microsites. With this knowledge, we strive to find the perfect blend of your brand personalization with our highly optimized content structure to ensure you receive higher than average Conversion Rates.


Types of Supported Content Adjustments:

  • Minor Copy Adjustments
  • Add/Update Service Offerings
  • Request Rebranding
  • Update Logo
  • Add Testimonials
  • Add Photos of Completed Work
  • Add/Update Licensing or Certification Information
  • Add/Update Company Awards and Recognition


Request Content EditSubmit a Content Edit Request

To send an edit request to our Content Team, navigate to the Campaigns Manager and click “Request Content Edit” next to one of your Select Campaigns. In the Content Edit Request popup, you will need to tell us:

  • Which Microsite(s) should receive the update.
  • A detailed description of the requested changes.
  • Upload any image assets.

You can add additional requests in one form by clicking, "Add Another Content Edit Request," but keep in mind you do not need to submit the same request for every Campaign.

Once our Content Team receives your request, they will reach out via email if more information is required. At that time, they will either Accept or Deny your Content Edit Request.

  • If accepted, you will be notified by email upon completion.
  • If the request is denied, a Content Team Member will notify you via email with an explanation and potential alternative suggestions.