Using the Client Accounts View

Manage all of your Accounts at once with the Client Accounts view.

The Client Accounts view is only accessible when logged in with a Manager Account, which is for Users that manage multiple companies with a Service Direct Account .

Manager Accounts allow you to manage Leads and Campaigns across all Company Sub-accounts with a single sign-on. In most cases, our Clients only need a single Account, but in the case of franchises or companies with locations spanning the nation, multiple Accounts are an effective way to seamlessly manage payments, Lead Delivery, and more.

If you believe you could benefit from a Manager Account, please contact a Support Team Member.


To access the Client Accounts view, make sure you are logged in to the correct Manager Account and click "Client Accounts" directly from the mySD Navigation Bar.


Here you will be able to see a top-level overview of each Account's performance including:

  • The total number of Client Accounts and Campaigns and the ability to Sort Campaigns according to various parameters
  • The Company Names of each Client Account
  • The total number of Campaigns per Client Account
  • The number of Campaigns per Client Account broken down by Service Category
  • The number of Paused and Enabled Campaigns per Client Account
  • The number of Leads received by each Client Account
  • The total Lead Cost for each Client Account

You may click on any of the blue links, which will direct you to more information about each of the above stats.