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How We Choose Your Campaigns

Learn how we leverage over a decade of research to choose the right campaign strategy to drive the most qualified Leads directly to you.

Choosing Target Domains

  1. We study your service area map and perform extensive market research to determine the most viable anchor cities to target in your campaigns. (Note: Though we can only choose one location per campaign, we are targeting the entirety of your service area.)

  2. We select your campaign names based on data about the neighborhoods, cities and counties in your service area. 
  3. This data includes population size, household income, percentage of homeowners vs. renters, search patterns, property values, median income, and other demographics.
  4. To prevent confusion from potential callers, we recommend arming your phone representatives with the campaign name, so they are prepared if someone asks about the campaign name instead of your company name.  (E.g. If your Campaign Microsite URL is www.plumbinginaustin.com, your Campaign Name would be “Plumbing in Austin”)

Choosing a Content and Ads Strategy

  1. Using over a decade’s worth of data, all Service Specific headings and URLs you see on your Campaign Microsites strategically match in order to rank better. Ads and sites that are optimized in this way will show up higher and more frequently in search auctions. 
  2. We use a local tracking number and forward all calls directly to the phone number you placed on file. It is important to note that Ad Network conversion tracking will likely display a different phone number to visitors and this number can reflect any overlay area codes in the National Database.
  3. Each Campaign Microsite’s layout is based on a heavily tested template designed to convert in under 2 minutes*. While we aim to infuse as much of your branding and feedback as possible into these sites, note that as templates, we are limited in the copy and layout adjustments we can make.

*on average