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About Your Select Campaigns

Learn how we leverage our 15 years of research to choose the right campaign strategy to drive the most qualified Leads directly to you.

Each Service Direct Select Campaign is comprised of a Campaign Microsite (which includes a location and service-specific URL), location and Service Category-specific website content, a proprietary keyword and search ad strategy, and Campaign-specific phone tracking.

Here's more info on how we generate exclusive customer Leads through your Select Campaigns:

Choosing Campaign Microsites

We study your Service Area map and perform market research to determine the most viable anchor cities to target with your Select Campaigns.

We choose your Select Campaign names (and thus your Microsite URLs) based on data about the neighborhoods, cities and counties in your Service Area. This data includes population size, household income, percentage of homeowners vs. renters, search patterns, property values, median income, and other demographics. (Note: Though we can only choose one location per campaign, we are targeting the entirety of your service area.)

Choosing a Content and Ads Strategy

Using over 15 years worth of data, we create your Campaign Microsite with proven service-specific headings, keywords, and URLs. We match the content you see on the Microsites strategically with our proprietary ad strategies in order to show up higher and more frequently in search auctions. 

Each Campaign Microsite’s content and layout is based on data and designed to convert in under 2 minutes. While we aim to infuse as much of your branding and feedback as possible into these sites, we are limited in the copy and layout adjustments we can make within our specialized templates.

Campaign Tracking Numbers

Select Campaigns each come with unique Tracking Numbers and our system forwards all calls directly to the phone number(s) of your choosing. This gives you increased transparency as we are able to track performance on a Campaign by Campaign basis.

Tracking Numbers are not editable, however you can choose to use any of your Tracking Numbers as Displayed Caller ID instead of the caller's Caller ID. Learn more about Lead Delivery Settings.

Campaign Management

Many aspects of your Campaigns are editable by you and you can see their individual performance as well. Learn more about using your Campaign Manager.